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I have long been fascinated by authentic examples of aged surfaces, whether found in stone, on wood, or on a crumbling sarcophagus at the Met. In an effort to replicate those surfaces, I have been experimenting with lime based milk paints and my own hand-made glazes for over twenty years. The picture on the first page of this website is an example of my interest: the plaster on the wall is not painted, but rather, rinsed with a light color emulsion. The trim is glazed.

The following reflects the kind of problem we take pride in solving . On a recent project in Princeton, a visual inconsistency was created by some exposed timber work of hand-hewn beams painted Tudor brown. This clearly conflicted with the sleek new cabinets and minimalist limestone walls and floors. I was able to create an authentic looking antiqued finish that matched the beams to the surrounding limestone, thus restoring balance to an elegant interior.


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American Clay Faux Limestone Wall Treatment