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Constitution Hill
Morgan Mansion at Constitution Hill, Princeton, NJ



The chief component of restoration work is the care and ambition to get it just right. The other component, of course, is expertise.

After thirty years in this business, we know each and every step of what it takes to create a substrate suitable for an excellent finish. In each situation, we submit to the necessities of whatever procedure is called for. Surfaces are sanded thoroughly with hepa-vac vacuum sanders. Marine epoxy products are used in patching. Our caulk has a lifetime warranty. We have a range of highly sophisticated solutions for wall repair. Our finished product involves only the finest in paint and lumber.

When we have properly addressed the disparate elements of time and wear, a stillness will reign. The original intention of the architecture will once again be pronounced and paramount. This is the final goal of restoration.


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Unit #2

Unit #4

Dairy Barn Cottage

Cottage Club, Princeton University