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To be able to protect the original character of the house while standing up to the demands of modern energy efficiency is the one of the goals of historic restoration. In any old building the weak links tend to be the windows and doors.

We are currently restoring windows over 250 years old for The Keith House, historic home of the first governor of Pennsylvania. Once again, we see that the original fabric beneath the surface is usually quite sound, that the old growth timber used in the manufacture has characteristics vastly superior to modern fast-growth lumber used in new windows. For better or worse, the original character of the wood cannot be commercially replicated. It is only modern restoration techniques that can restore the original utility of old sashes and doors.

One of the main charms of old windows is the antique glass. G & G Projects is a provider of original old glass, whether used in the original sash or in a custom-made replica of the original.

Cottage Club, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ