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Homes of different periods have a variety of issues that our knowledge and experience enable us to address. We go into a project wanting to know the issues before we start the job. Once we identify the problems, we can find specific solutions. (See our Scope of Work.) Painting your home is an investment, and we understand you want a good return. While it is true that several coats of paint will initially look good, inadequate preparation on an older home heavy laden with decades of old paint translates into disappointment and dollars misspent.

An inexperienced contractor is a liability to any homeowner with a complicated project. We have seen many sad stories. Numerous homeowners who have spent even in excess of $50,000 only to find their home peeling within the first year. One client had a home done in new cedar siding, with paint failing soon after the job. Their first contractor hadn't understood that even when new, cedar siding must be sanded then coated within ten days of sanding to stave off peeling and systemic coating failure. We have had to restore many such homes because their painters had failed to take moisture readings, and moisture had been locked in.

The test of quality is time. How long will your paint job last? A paint job is only as good as the preparation of the substrate, the quality of the materials, and skill of the craftsman.